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Kickstart 2018 with Promotional Fitness Items

promotional fitness items

A healthy life means a healthy mind! Kickstart your marketing with our range of promotional fitness items...

Now the New Year is upon us, there’s no better time than to start looking for ways to incorporate promotional fitness items into your 2018 marketing strategy to promote fitness and show that your brand cares about the well-being of your target audience. With most New Year's resolutions involving fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, branded fitness products are a practical way of ensuring your brand is on display throughout the year! 

Go the extra mile with Promotional Activity Trackers

Our range multi-functioning Activity Tracker Watches are a must-have device that gives anyone that extra boost of determination. Promotional fitness trackers are a stylish and piratical promotional gift that will be kept on the recipient's wrist - a constant reminder of your brand all day, every day! Get yours now:

 promotional activity trackerpromotional activity trackerpromotional activity trackerpromotional activity tracker


...or CLICK HERE to view our full range of branded fitness trackers.


Stay hydrated with Branded Sports Bottles

Working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is thirsty work. There's a no better and more cost effective way thank to promote your brand with sports bottles printed with your logo. Avaible with different inserts such as fruit infusers, promotional sports bottles can be branded with full colour to make sure you get the most out of your promotion whilst reflecting your brand's personality. 

 promotional sports bottlespromotional sports bottlepromotional sports bottlepromotional sports bottles


...or CLICK HERE to view our full range of promotional sports bottles.


Shake up your marketing with Promotional Protein Shakers

Protein shakers that are printed with your company or brand's logo allow you to market on the go. Not just for fitness fanatics, our entire range of promotional protein shakers sport a water tight seal to ensure freshness and durability for the user - great for protein powder, blended fruits and foods. 

promotional fruit infuser water bottlepromotional protein shakerspromotional protein shakerspromotional protein shakers


...or CLICK HERE to view our full range of promotional protein shakers.


Put your logo on display with Branded Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are another one of our bestselling promotional merchandise ranges that offers maximum brand exposure! One of the many reasons why branded drawstring bags are so popular is because they are so versatile; they can be used for putting your gym stuff in and can be used to and from the office, travelling and for pretty much any occasion. Plus promotional drawstring bags are a great marketing giveaway idea too as they can be branded to suit your every requirement. 

branded drawstring bagbranded drawstring bagsbranded drawstring bagbranded drawstring bag


...or CLICK HERE to view our full range of branded drawstring bags.


Turn the music up louder with Promotional Headphones

Our range of promotional sports headphones have been specially designed to provide the user with a flawless sound experience during their workout or sporting activities and the wireless technology ensures that the headphones are free from the hassle of tangled wires. Our range of promotional wireless headphones are a pratical promotional gift that is guarenteed to be kept for years to come.

promotional wireless headphonespromotional bluetooth headphonespromotional bluetooth headphonespromotional bluetooth headphones


...or CLICK HERE to view our full range of promotional headphones and earphones. 

Personalised Trolley Coins are a keyring necessity 

Promotional trolley coins are a great promotional giveaway that's ideal for any returnable vending device such as gym lockers! As well as being used in trolleys too, all branded trolley coins are low cost and can be customised with any organisations logo. 

promotional trolley coin keyringpromotional trolley coin keyringpromotional trolley coin keyringpromotional trolley coin keyring

 CLICK HERE to view our full range of personalised trolley coins.


Get their heart pumping with Promotional Fitness Equipment 

Whether you're looking for promotional phone pouches for your client's to secure their phones whilst their working out, promotional fitness kits, or branded LED shoe lights to ensure safety whilst jogging, we've got everything you need to get your get your employees' and clients' hearts racing while promoting your brand at the same time! 

 promotional fitness equipment promotional fitness equipment promotional fitness equipment promotional sports bag


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