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O' Christmas tree!

06/09/2016 16:00

From 1947, Trafalgar Square has been graced with a Christmas tree of over 20 metres high, selected from the forests of Oslo, and commonly described as the ‘Queen of the Forest’.

The tree is a token of gratitude and commemoration towards the United Kingdom for preserving Norwegian’s liberty during the Second World War. When Germany invaded Norway in 1940, London joined in the saving of the Norwegian Government along with the protection of their King and the royal family during their exile.

This annual gift from Norway has become a symbolism of long-lasting friendship, appreciation and unity, bringing not only the two countries together but also the people of London, whom eagerly gather at the lighting ceremony to sing carols and celebrate the Christmas season.

So if you are thinking of planning an annual festive gift for your clients to show appreciation? Look no further promotional baubles are a memorable decoration, or even for the office! They will certainly be an exciting gift to open come December and your brand will be refreshed in their minds each year.

Got enough baubles? Keep your clients out of the cold and make their day with our delicious festive warmer hamper, carefully selected sweet and savories in a beautiful brown willow basket.

There is so much to choose from, why not give us a call and let us help you with your corporate Christmas gifts.

These may not be a Norwegian spruce shipped overseas, but they will certainly display affection and gratitude towards your clients this festive season as well as exposing your company name!


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