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Stand Out from the Crowd with UK Made Umbrellas

07/02/2017 16:56

What’s better than custom logo umbrellas? Custom logo UK made umbrellas.

uk made umbrellas

According to a recent study, on average it rains every one in three days in the UK, consequently meaning that an umbrella is a necessity of everyday life.

Evidently, a majority of brands tend to overlook this factor due to the fact that in 2016, branded umbrellas and custom logo umbrellas were the promotional product industry’s twentieth most purchased popular product range.

However, this has drastically risen from the previous year’s statistics, where branded umbrellas did not make it into the 2015 top twenty promotional product ranges.

What should this tell you as a marketer or as the person who is in charge of sourcing promotional merchandise for your brand?

Don’t overlook the power of a branded umbrella. uk made umbrellas

Not only do custom logo umbrellas keep the recipient dry, whether it’s one of your brand’s employees or a customer, it also spreads maximum brand recognition, which is the sole purpose of all promotional merchandise and great marketing ideas.

Why use UK made umbrellas to promote your brand?

  • Your brand is demonstrating their commitment to supporting UK businesses, which is vital due to our current economy. CLICK HERE to find out why
  • There is a 2-3 week maximum turnaround time for the production of your branded umbrellas, in comparison to those sourced from abroad, in which instance lead times may vary and cannot be 100% guaranteed in the case of unforeseen occurrences such as shipment delay
  • Low minimum quantities starting from 25 pieces with one of our UK made parasols having a minimum order quantity as low as 1 piece - CLICK HERE to view our garden parasol now
  • You're reducing your brand’s carbon footprint, therefore complying to corporate social responsibility standards and displaying your environmental values. By purchasing promotional products made in the UK, you are automatically decreasing the transport distance, meaning less emissions are harming atmosphere in consequence to your brand’s purchasing decisions

If you would like to read more about the benefits of purchasing UK manufactured goods, CLICK HERE

If you would like further information on how to purchase a UK made umbrella, or have a general enquiry about promotional products, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01245 382600.

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