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Marketing Tips from St George

20/04/2017 11:50

St George, a soldier who notoriously slayed a dragon and rescued a maiden, according to the medieval legend that is...

But one thing we do know for certain is that he’s the patron saint of England and that St George’s Day is celebrated throughout the nation each year.

The ultimate battle brand’s face every day when it comes to their marketing is promotion; how to promote their brand in a way that generates interest from their target customer and increases brand recognition without overwhelming people.

A popular and proven way to do this is by utilizing promotional merchandise, as detailed in this video:

However, in light of St George’s Day, there’s a particular shining on UK manufacturing as a way to tell your story, making your brand stand out.

But first, what are the benefits of purchasing UK made promotional products?

Here are some of our favourite UK made promotional product categories: 

Custom Made Mugs

custom made mugscustom made mugscustom made mugs

Branded Travel Mugs

brand travel mugsbranded travel mugsbranded travel mugs

Promotional Keyrings

promotional keyringspromotional keyringspromotional keyrings

Custom Logo Umbrellas

custom logo umbrellascustom logo umbrellascustom logo umbrellas

This St George’s Day, slay your carbon footprint and rescue your brand from lenghtly lead times with our collection of UK made promotional products.


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