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Experts in promotional merchandising for the education sector

We work extensively in the education sector and have over fifteen years’ experience supplying promotional merchandise to some of the UK’s top universities, colleges and schools.

Our vast experience in this sector gives us a thorough understanding of your specific needs and restrictions. We know budgets are tight and that you often need things in a hurry too.

From a Class of named hooded top to a bespoke award or even a special and unique gift in silver or crystal to reward a successful student, we can help you find exactly the right item and can supply some of our higher value silver gifts, personally engraved or branded with your logo in small quantities too.

Of course, we know you want to stand out with your own unique branding and merchandise, usually targeted to specific groups and are here to help you do that with our experienced team.

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Universities and Student Unions

With ever increasing tuition fees, our University clients understand the importance of adding value to the student experience in every way possible – including the merchandise and clothing they use and sell. We’ve sourced, designed and produced merchandise for university clients aimed at children and young teenagers who they want to attract. They’ve also asked us to find items to welcome fresher’s, and for graduating students who want to buy keepsakes as well as their distinguished alumni.

We have a close working relationship with our contracted university clients and have continued to develop and expand the products and services we offer to develop these relationships. With stock schemes, graduation services and an all-embracing account management approach, we pride ourselves at Allwag Promotions as being a specialist supplier to the Universities of the UK.
The key areas at each University we work with include:

  • Alumni
  • Graduation Marketing and Communications
  • International Recruitment
  • Internal Communications
  • Estates and Security
  • Library Services
  • Commercial Services

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We understand the difference in needs that a college or Institute has as opposed to a University and have worked with many across the UK to help them use their merchandise whilst under ever increasing budget pressures. Focused on attracting students, promoting specialist courses and also considering more vocational training– we can find the right product for every college or institute, no matter their size.

We have seen colleges offer prospective students merchandise at open days, use it to promote the college at local events in an ever competitive environment and also a few colleges have even seen the value of selling their branded merchandise to both the students and parents which can create an additional income for them.

College students is now quite a generic term and can encompass many people from a part time student attending an evening course in dog grooming, an NVQ student studying and working in mechanics or a possibly an international delegate for an established professional body - we have something you can brand to suit everyone.

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Academies and Schools

School is where it all begins… But how does this relate to merchandise I hear you say? Especially, when some schools have a more restrictive budget than seen in any other part of the educational sector?

We can find a product to suit any budget! Whether it be a low cost giveaway for prospective students, a new starters welcome gift like a branded pencil case to set them on their way or a even graduation t-shirt as a keepsake for those pupils progressing onto the next step of the educational ladder, we can make something work for you and help you define your schools brand.

Allwag Promotions can help you make sure that you have that ‘Back to School’ merchandise covered! We can work with any school logo, emblem or crest and find the products that work best for you - we help can you establish your schools branding just by adding it to simple products such as a backpack, ruler or sweatshirt.

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Purchasing consortiums

In 2012, NWUPC managed the rigorous tender process to select the best suppliers of promotional merchandise to be on their framework for the supply of both branded merchandise and also clothing to their members.
Which, in turn has been rolled out through the regional purchasing consortiums such as:


Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC), Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC), Higher Education Purchasing Consortium, Wales (HEPCW), London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC), Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC), North East Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC), Northwestern University Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC) and Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO).

Working as an approved supplier for the NWUPC framework agreement for both promotional merchandise and clothing, we have won many mini competitions and further tenders to supply Universities and other establishments across the UK.

As a result of competitive tendering, we are a sole supplier to various Universities such as Oxford Brookes University, Leeds Beckett University, Aston University, London Business School and our longstanding contract with the University of Hertfordshire, as their sole supplier since 2008.
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