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Quick guide for artwork

To process your order we need artwork created in a vector based design package, such as Adobe Illustrator or Indesign. They produce EPS or AI file types which allow the image to be enlarged or decreased without loss of clarity.

We can’t accept GIFs, JPEGs or bitmaps as artwork because the quality won’t be good enough. There will be an additional charge of approximately £40.00 per hour to convert artwork which has not been supplied in the correct format as listed above.

Pantone references

Please also give us your Pantone references so we can get the best possible colour match for your branding. Use our online pantone guide to help make your choice, however, be aware that it is impossible for computer monitors to exactly replicate print process colours.

Handling text

When you set your artwork, please make sure all text is converted to outlines. This means the print house can work with your artwork correctly, even if they don’t have your chosen font stored on their computer.

Our design team can set text for you free of charge.



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