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Are You a Fidget?

12/04/2017 13:02

Ever feel your foot tapping to a silent rhythm beneath your desk, or find your nails tapping against the surface more often than they should?

Fidgeting is a common daily activity in the office, school, or workplace which cannot be prevented – the more people try to stop you, the more fidgety you become.

Were you aware that fidgeting is more than just an annoying habit, it’s a way of channeling energy into the workplace?

By occupying the part of the brain that’s bored, fidgeting enables the other parts to focus and consume the information that the person is receiving.

Evidently, a study showed that children who fidget during class learn quicker than those who don’t (2015). Teachers of schoolchildren between 6-8 years old found that the pupils who fidget during lessons were more likely to get the right answer; according to an article in The Huffington Post (2013).

The same article in The Guardian stated that after carrying out a study on 12,000 in the UK, it was found that “fidgeters could be protecting themselves against effects of sitting for long periods at work”

In conclusion, why go the extra mile to prevent fidgeting when it should be encouraged within both the office and schools? After all, it has been proved to improve learning capabilities and concentration levels.

Allwag Promotional Merchandise supply a wide range of promotional products for fidgets that can be branded with your company logo and promotional message. Traditionally, a Newton’s Cradle was a prime branded fidget product that is still used as a therapeutic toy. We have now extended our range of promotional products for fidgets to include a smart spinner and the fidget cube. As well as our range of printed stress balls, all three of these products have been purposely chosen to help improve concentration.

Check out these amazing promotional products for fidgets:


The Smart Spinner

  • Great for the education industry
  • Proven to help calm and focus both adults and children
  • Spins for more than one minute on a single spin
  • Can be printed with full or up to 2 spot colours
  • Minimum order quantity of 50


Newton’s Cradle

  • Named after Sir Isaac Newton
  • Ultimate desk toy
  • Can be laser engraved for personalisation Stimulates the mind
  • Perfect for corporate gift ideas and business gifts for executives
  • Minimum order quantity of 25


Fidget Cube


  • Proven to improve productivity
  • Relieves stress
  • Keeps hands active
  • Available in black and white
  • Branding available on one of the cube’s faces as shown below
  • Minimum quantity order of 100

Fun fact: Fidgeting has been reported to potentially burn around 350 calories!??


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