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Give Your Brand the Royal Status

19/04/2017 17:21

As many of you may be aware, it’s the Queen’s 91st birthday this year. However, Her Majesty has two birthdays, her actual birthday is on April 21st, whereas her ‘official’ birthday is being celebrated on Saturday 17th June, but this date changes every year.

The reason behind the Queen’s two birthday celebrations is the temperamental British weather; by having her official birthday in the summer, there is more chance of a warmer and less wet climate. Furthermore, this two birthday tradition of the monarchy was started by George II back in 1748 when he felt that his actual birthday month of November was too cold to host a celebratory parade.

There is no better time to give your brand the majestic status than during a royal birthday celebration. Combine great marketing ideas with logo products and advertising specialties to transform your brand into a global sensation that is worthy of the crown jewels.

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In the past, the monarchy was the eldest form of government in the UK. Their main role was to ensure that their citizens were looked after (whether or not they enforced that was a different matter). Aiding your clients in everyday life is, therefore, the key to giving your brand the royal status and in the process spreading maximum brand awareness in a minimalistic way that’s guaranteed to generate results.

First steps…

No one is crowned King or Queen without facing several challenges. Here are the first steps your business must take to ensure they're monarchy ready...

  • Think about what your customer needs

Whether it’s something as simplistic as a printed pen to keep at hand, a custom logo umbrella to shelter them from the rain, or something more high tech like a bluetooth device that enables them to find their phone and keys.

  • Reward their loyalty

According to a study in 2016, 62% of customers don’t think that brands they’re most loyal to are doing enough to retain their loyalty and reward them. By incorporating a customer loyalty reward scheme, you will be preventing that significant number of clients from feeling so unappreciated, making it easier for your brand to retain them as customers. With many companies agreeing that customer retention is cheaper than acquisition, this is a prime factor to consider. Click here to get a further insight into how to make your customers feel appreciated.

  • Listen to feedback

Listening to feedback is one thing, but taking it onboard is another. In order to be a true ruler amongst your industry, it is vital that you act on the constructive criticism as well as praise your brand for the positives, that’s the only way a company can improve. By taking the time to read customer reviews, whether that’s on social media, Google or just mentioned on the world wide web (trackable by Google Alerts), acknowledging and responding to any feedback is a prime factor of brand development.

Once your brand has conquered the art of customer service and meeting your target demographics needs, you will have earned royal status and can wear a crown of pride knowing that your brand truly cares about its subjects, like a true monarch.

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