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Pedal Your Brand to Success with Personalised Cycling Products

26/04/2017 13:11

Think - how many people do you personally know who own a bike?

According to Cycling UK, around 42% of the UK's population over the age of five own a bicycle (2015) - that’s around 25 million people. 

There are many reasons why cycling is a popular (whether it’s a sport, form of transport or a hobby), mainly because it has many health benefits and significantly reduces the rider’s carbon footprint.

What are the health benefits of cycling?

An article written by Biking Expert states that "a bike a day keeps the doctor away" and that those who cycle every day are "6 times healthier than any other type of commuter." 

So what are the health benefits of riding a bike?

  • A good form of cardio fitness
  • Helps build up the rider’s strength
  • Improves the rider’s posture and coordination
  • Decreases the rider’s stress levels and benefits mental health

Another really interesting point raised by Biking Expert  is that cyclists are less exposed to Urban Pollution (read more about it here)

What are the environmental benefits of cycling?

  • Cycling reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Cycling helps lower the economic cost of traffic delays and congestion
  • Bike lanes can increase retail sales by a quarter (The Guardian, 2014)

According to a blog written by The Guardian in 2014, reducing 10% of car journeys to bikes would “save 400 productive life years.”

How can you use promotional merchandise?

Personalised cycling products and promotional bike products are popular branded merchandise. Whether it’s to encourage people to ride to work, a sporting event or if your company’s looking to get involved in the CycleScheme our personalised cycling products are perfect advertisement ideas for your brand while you promote living a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendliness.

Reflective Promotional Bike Products - reflective items help keep bike riders safe as well as promoting your brand, especially in the evening.

Printed Bicycle Accessories - a cost effective and stylish way to personalise a bike and get your promotional message out there

printed bicycle accessories

Stay hydrated with branded reusable water bottles - drinking plenty of water before, during and after all forms of exercise (including cycling) is vital. Bring a promotional water bottle along on your ride…

branded reusable water bottles

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