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Important lessons we learnt from Disney

25/05/2017 14:13

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun”

Mary Poppins 

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On Saturday 20 May, Team Allwag attended Allwag Promotions’ company Away Day, where, like every year, the aim was to bond and come up with creative and innovative ideas to develop the business further.

This year (2017), we returned to 5 Lakes (Crown Plaza Hotels) in Colchester, Essex, for the second time since Allwag Promotional Merchandise was founded back in 1999.

But this time there was a twist – or should we say a ‘magical’ twist…

We were joined by Nigel Risner, who spoke to us about creating a magical experience for our customers, using Walt Disney and their parks as a prime example. To emerge ourselves into the Disney vibe, Team Allwag were asked to dress as our favorite Disney characters and we went all out – when it comes to inspiring creativity, Team Allwag have no limits.

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Thanks to the motivational and business speaker, Nighel Risner, here are the valuable lessons we learned from one of the world’s biggest brands about creating a magical experience:

  • ”The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it” –The Lion King

In the words of Nigel Risner, “the past is a place for reference, not residence”. No matter what has happened in the past, whether it’s a mistake at work or something in your personal life, learn from your mistakes and move on. The best brand’s use mistakes to their advantage and use them to improve the business for the better.

  • ”I know every mile would be worth my while – when I go the distance - Hercules

Customer experience is vital for any brand or business, whether it’s a global franchise or a small, independent coffee shop, offering great customer service is a prime factor in retaining customers as well as generating new ones.

Disney is constantly going the extra mile to create a magical experience for their customers – there’s even a cast member who cleans the street up after an infamous parade with a smile on their face. Why? Because in a matter of seconds, a customer would be walking down that street, and a pile of ‘leavings’ will dismantle the magical illusion Disney have created – in other words, every member of your company counts.

If everyone puts in just an extra 5% effort into everything they do, soon your business would have flown from average to infinity and beyond…

  • ”The flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful of them all” - Mulan

Nigel conducted an exercise where we all thought about ideas, the crazier the better, about how we can improve our overall customer experience, without thinking about the difficulties of implementation. Without a doubt, the ideas that were the most creative were the best, which we had never considered before due to the obstacles that stood in our way. But after all, Disney is the place “where dreams come true”, so anything is possible.

…all you need is faith, trust and a sprinkle of Allwag magic to let your wish come true

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