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Walk All Over Cancer with Team Allwag

01/06/2017 17:21
walk all over cancer


This month, (June 2017), Team Allwag will be taking part in the Walk All Over Cancer challenge in aid of Cancer Research UK!


In the UK alone, someone is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes, and a cancer patient loses their battle every four minutes. Charities such as Cancer Research UK aim to beat cancer once and for all and save hundreds upon thousands of people’s lives each year...

Previously, Team Allwag organised a fundraiser in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity that’s dedicated to improving the lives of young people with cancer, which you can read more about it by clicking here.

Let's Do This!

walk all over cancer

Each participant in Cancer Research’s #WalkAllOverCancer challenge must walk 10,000 steps a day – which is a lot harder than you think! The average person walks around 5,000 – 7,000 steps every day, and that’s not including weekends where steps can be drastically decreased!

With 20 members of Team Allwag (aka the Waggies Walkers) getting involved, that’s a whopping 200,000K steps a day!

Here’s everything Team Allwag will be doing to ensure we meet our goal:

  • We’ll provide you with a daily step update on this blog post
  • We’re using I-Gotu Q-Bands to accurately track our activities
  • We’re all going out for a half an hour walk each day – even if it’s pouring down with rain (that’s where branded umbrellas come in handy)
  • In the office, a member of Team Allwag rings the doorbell every hour and we get up and start running until the doorbell sounds again
  • Each day we meet our target, Allwag Promotions will donate £20!!!

walk all over cancer

walk all over cancer

To stay updated with all the latest news on our #WalkAllOverCancer challenge, please follow Allwag Promotional Merchandise on Twitter and Facebook

Once you've caught up on our first week's progress click NEXT to move onto week 2

Wednesday 7th June

258,480 steps!

We honestly didn't think that we were going to reach our step target today due to being rushed off our feet (in the metaphorical sense, we were actually sitting down dealing with new orders, customer inquiries and so on...). This just goes to prove what teamwork and dedication can do! Well done Team Allwag!

Super Stepper of the Day: Annabelle (22,126 steps)

walk all over cancer

Tuesday 6th June

259,632 steps!

Well, it certainly paid off bringing a treadmill into the office this morning! A massive well done to Jess, Angela, Gill, Annabelle, and Sophie for walking over double their target step count! #TeamWork

Super Stepper of the Day: Jess (21,567 steps)

walk all over cancer

Monday 5th June

217,128 steps!

Starting the second week of our #WalkAllOverCancer challenge on a high! Here's hoping we keep this streak up this week!

Super Stepper of the Day: Gill (20,450 steps)

walk all over cancer

Sunday 4th June

200,432 steps!

This challenge is definitely harder than we initially anticipated. Nevertheless, Team Allwag still managed to hit our targeet - roll on next week!

Super Stepper of the Day: Kim (16,013 steps)

walk all over cancer

Saturday 3rd June

244,926 steps!

The first Saturday of the #WalkAllOverCancer challenge was definitely harder than Team Allwag initially thought but we still managed to power through!

Super Stepper of the Day: Alan (21,060 steps)

walk all over cnacer

Friday 2nd June

223,230 steps!

Members of Team Allwag set off on an early morning walk at around 7.30am before heading into the office and being treated to a yummy croissant breakfast!

Super Stepper of the Day: Lucy C (18,080 steps)

walk all over cancer

Thursday 1st June

233,540 steps!

Team Allwag absolutely smashed our first day of the #WalkAllOverCancer challenge! The daily target for our team is 200,000 – we completed 33,540 additional steps!

Super Stepper of the Day: Jess (17,000 steps)

walk all over cancer

walk all over cancer

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