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Swing Your Brand to Success with Corporate Golf Gifts

09/06/2017 16:43

According to The Telegraph (2017), golf is the 5th most popular sport in the UK… so why is golf so popular within the corporate sector?

A game of golf is not merely just hitting a ball, there are so many other elements to the game itself that makes it the number one sport for entertaining clients in the corporate sector as well as developing relationships between businesses.

These are:

  • There's no age restrictions

The beauty about golf is that it can be enjoyed by any age demographic. 

  • Accessible to people of different abilities

Regardless of your golfing ability, pro or beginner, people with varying skill levels and capabilities can play against each other.

  • Time isn’t of the essence

On average, a round of golf takes about four hours, therefore a round of golf is a very tactile way to get to know your client or potential investor. After all, when you do business with someone it’s better to know more about them than nothing at all. With your new found knowledge, catering your services to meet your clients or business partner’s needs will be a lot easier.

Score a hole in one with these branded golf products…

Whether you’re looking for branded golf products to give your business the right image on your next corporate golfing day, or are looking for promotional products for the golf industry in general, Allwag Promotions have got perfect corporate golf gifts for you! Take a look for yourself:

promotional golf markers

Promotional Golf Markers

Our range of golf markers that are branded with your logo are considered a golfing essential promotional product for the golfing industry as well as in the corporate sector. Not only are they a great corporate golf gift, they look immaculate while marking your branded golf ball’s position on the green.

Check out our vibrant range of promotional golf tees too! 

corporate logo golf balls

Corporate Logo Golf Balls

Putt your brand’s success with corporate logo golf balls, the ideal corporate golf gift that’s ideal for golfing events as it can be used by its recipient throughout the day. We also offer popular branded golf balls such as Callaway and Titleist that can be personalised with your brand’s logo for that prestigious and professional touch.

logo golf bags

Logo Golf Bags

First impressions count! Our corporate logo golf bags, coupled with our other promotional golfing accessories will not only make you look like a golfing pro, but feel like one too. Choose from our selection of top quality logo golf bags to find one that matches your brand’s image and character to give your customers or potential business partners a golfing experience they will not forget.

Don’t forget to compliment your custom logo golf bag with a matching promotional golf head cover!

corporate golf gift ideas

Corporate Golf Gift Ideas

A corporate golfing event would not be a successful one without a golf gift set for attendees to take away with them to remember the day. All of our corporate golf gift sets are designed to present your logo or promotional message so all your hard work will be remembered for years and years to come.

Feel free to contact Allwag Promotions for further information on our branded golf products. Don't forget that if you can't find what you're looking for, give us a call and we'll get it sorted for you!

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