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Graduation Merchandise for Universities

14/06/2017 13:01

graduation merchandise for universities

Summer graduation is rapidly approaching, students are handing in their dissertations and ordering their graduation gowns ready to embark on a new chapter of their life…

The graduation season is always a busy time in the education sector. With many students taking the leap from undergrads to graduates, everyone wants something to remember their special time at university by.


Memories will fade, but graduation merchandise lasts forever!

The day someone graduates is one of the most important days of their life! Graduation promotional gifts and graduation giveaways remind them of their incredible journey through education...

Here are some unique graduation merchandise ideas to ensure your university is never forgotten...


graduation merchandise ideas

All of our branded graduation teddy bears’ gowns can be customised with your university’s logo, through embroidery or printing, making it the perfect gift for soon to be graduates! Soft toys, have the tendency to be kept and passed down through the generations, meaning that your university will too.

Engraved with your university’s logo, our set of two champagne flutes come nicely presented in a (your choice of colour) satin lined box to give your graduation gift a touch of added luxury. The stunning presentation of this graduation gift makes it a keepsake that will be on display in the graduate’s household for all to see.

Branded university hoodies are one of the more traditional forms of graduation merchandise and souvenirs. Printed with your university’s logo on the front and ‘Class Of’ on the back along with the list of each department's graduates, these branded hoodies are guaranteed to be a top-seller at any university. 

Branded certificate pods not only look great in post-graduation ceremony photos, they’ll become the prized possession of the soon to be graduate’s household where it will be on display for years to come. With different branding options available, depending on which certificate pod is selected, your university’s logo will continue to make an educational statement with its recipient.

Personalised mugs are another traditional graduation gift idea. With ‘Class Of’ printed in your university’s colour one side and the soon-to-be graduate’s name and/or image on the other, you have a practical promotional product that will be used every day (after all, the UK drinks around 60.2 billion cups of tea a year). Alternatively, printed ‘Class Of’ mugs look amazing printed with your university’s logo on too!

graduation merchandise for universities

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