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Why is the Wimbledon brand so special?

29/06/2017 15:48

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Wimbledon, the oldest and one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the word…

This year, July 3rd is an important date in the diary for tennis enthusiasts worldwide – it marks the beginning of Wimbledon 2017, arguably the most admired grand slam in history.

Since the first tournament in 1877 when it only cost a shilling apiece to attend, Wimbledon as a brand has become an iconic statement of the British summer with ticket prices soaring higher than tennis balls on Centre Court!

How does Wimbledon (as a brand) stand out from its competitors?

Out of the four major annual grand slams where tennis professionals compete against each other to claim the tournament’s prize, Wimbledon is the only one that is still played on grass, therefore keeping true to the traditional characteristics of the sport.

There are certain traditions that Wimbledon are accustomed with, giving them a game point over other grand slams which also adds to the tournament’s iconic and elite status. These are:

  • The obligatory consumption of strawberries and cream- a dish that is now automatically associated with Wimbledon – did you know that around 28000kgs of (British) strawberries and 7000 litres of cream are consumed annually at the event?
  • The attendance of the Royal Family - another iconic stamp of the British culture, The Royal Family have been attending Wimbledon since 1907.
  • The dress code - although the dress code for Wimbledon isn’t as formal as it used to be, attendees, especially on Centre Court, do tend to obey by the ‘Wimbledonian’ code which is a slightly more formal attire than the standard everyday look, consisting of white dresses and shirts.
  • The throwing of branded tennis balls - if you’re seated relatively near the court, expect to catch an autographed tennis ball, as a majority of the players tend to sign and throw their tennis balls into the crowd after the game.

Different types of tennis merchandise Wimbledon use…

Tennis merchandise doesn’t just include the expected, such as branded tennis balls and branded sports towels, the merchandise Wimbledon use captures the ethos and character of the event itself.

These include:

tennis merchandise

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