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Be The Brand That Travels

03/07/2017 16:05


Take your brand around the world this summer with branded travel products…

Very few people enjoy receiving emails or being advertised to directly on holiday. If you’re marketing to someone whilst they’re stretched out by the poolside or exploring a city thousands of miles from home, they may not necessarily appreciate it as much as they would do back home.

Of course, if sending out a generic e-shot, a marketer will not know exactly who out of their thousands of data will be on holiday…

So the question is, how do you target an individual in a way that doesn’t cause annoyance?

Branded travel products give your brand the potential to reach beyond the UK’s borders without the expense and constant management of digital and conventional marketing campaigns. From promotional beach balls to branded travel bags, branded travel products will enable your clients, prospects, and employees to take your brand on holiday and showcase it to the world.

First, let’s take a look at some useful travel facts and stats…

    Between August 2015-2016, 86% of people in the UK took a holiday

    This year, 52% of holiday makers are taking a city break and 44% are going on a beach holiday

    In 2016, the average person from the UK had 2 holidays in Britain and 1 abroad

    Domestic holidays are the main driver of growth in the travel sector

With city breaks and beach holidays being the predominant types of holiday this year, promotional products for the beach as well as branded travel products should be at the forefront of your 2017 marketing campaign.

Here are some summer giveaway ideas to promote your brand: 

branded travel items

Branded Travel Products…

As pictured above, here are some examples of branded travel products that can be used on both beach holidays and city breaks:

    promotional travel adaptor

    Branded Headwear - headwear such as branded summer hats, baseball caps and visors help to protect their wearers from the sun, whether they’re on the beach or wandering through cities

    Branded passport wallets - On the top of every aspiring traveller's list is a decorative wallet that contains their most prized possession – their passport

    Customised Toiletry Bags - Another must-have for every traveller, our range of custom printed toiletry bags come in a range of different sizes and colours to reflect the personality of your brand as well as display your logo

    Promotional sunscreen - Protect both your brand and your target audience from the sun with promotional sunscreen. Available in sachets, tubes and small pots, all of our sunscreen can be branded with your logo to provide maximum brand exposure

    Branded Selfie Sticks - Offer the solution of not being able to take a couples photo on holiday with a branded selfie stick. In 2016, 51% of people holidayed with their partner only, so selfie sticks are a necessity (especially with Instagram being one of the most popular social media platforms)

    Branded Travel Adapters - Every company wants to portray the message that they’ve got their clients' best interests at heart. By providing them with a branded travel adapter, holidaymakers will take your brand all over the world and keep it forever

Promotional Products for the Beach…

As pictured above, we have a wide range of promotional products for the beach that are perfect for summer giveaways. These are:

    promotional beach balls

    Branded Lilos - Inflatables are a must-have for the beach and chilling by the pool. The translucent body of the lilo ensures that your company’s logo stands out while it’s floating on the water

    Promotional Frisbees - Frisbees and boomerangs supply an endless amount of fun and ensure that your brand comes whizzing towards your target audience (literally). Available in many shapes, sizes and colours, promotional frisbees are a low-cost beach giveaway item that will be loved by everyone

    Promotional Beach Balls - Promotional beach balls are an excellent way to combine marketing with fun and is a perfect low-cost giveaway for all ages. Guaranteed to provide hours of fun in the sun, your logo will be displayed the entire time

    Branded Deck Chairs - Deck chairs are a beach necessity, so deck chairs branded with your logo are a promotional product for the beach that is not to be overlooked! The more colourful the deckchair the further the reach of your logo, so ensure that your deck chair is printed in full colour

    promotional beach balls

    Custom Printed Cooler Bangs - Cool bags are ideal summer giveaway ideas, especially for the beach! With the sun beating down and heating the sand, the holiday maker’s drinks and food will be kept cool and refreshing throughout the day. Also, check out our range of branded can coolers

    Branded Flip Flops - Flip flops are the ultimate holiday accessory that can be worn throughout the duration of the holidaymaker’s vacation. There is a range of branding options available, including logo embossing, depending on which flip flop style selected.

    Promotional Beach Towels - Made from 100% cotton with a velour finish, promotional beach towels can be embroidered with your company logo with many different colours to choose from. This promotional product will be used all year round, not just on holiday

    Branded Beach Bags - Beach bags are a useful must-have promotional accessory to the beach that allows you to showcase your brand in style. All of our branded beach bags offer a spacious design and wide printing area to display your logo

Promotional Products for City Breaks…

City breaks are completely different to beach holidays. Aspiring travellers mainly prefer such holidays because they are constantly on their feet exploring new places. With this in mind we’ve selected some promotional products that are perfect for those venturing off on a city break:

    promotional beach balls

    Branded travel bags - Beach bags look amazing and are perfect for the beach, but they’re not practical for city breaks. Branded bum bags keep the traveller's valuables close to them so they can get on with their activities without worrying about the safety of their belongings. Promotional rucksacks can also be personalised with your company’s logo and/or promotional message

    Branded travel journals - Travel journals can be given as a corporate gift for the traveller to record their journeys – a gift that will be treasured forever

    Foldable umbrellas - One of the differences between a city break and a beach holiday is that it doesn’t matter if it rains during a city break. Folding umbrellas are small enough for the traveller to put in their bag, but big enough to protect them from getting wet as they explore their surroundings. Read more about why branded umbrellas are such a good idea by clicking here

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