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Virtual Reality in the Classroom

04/07/2017 16:28

Virtual Reality is now becoming our reality...

Despite coming into the public’s attention in the 1987, Virtual Reality has taken the 21st century by storm and can be used in many different ways, from heightening gaming experiences, to exploring unknown places and immersing yourself in another environment - there are no limits.

According to an article published in VRS (Virtual Reality Society), the increasing amount of HD displays and 3D graphics on smartphones has “produced a generation of lightweight and practical VR devices.”

branded virtual reality goggles

VR in the classroom

Technology is constantly evolving and so are learning techniques. As a consequence, we are now starting to see the introduction of VR in the classroom, allowing pupils to not only learn a topic, but to encounter it on an interactive and visual level.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of using virtual reality goggles in the education sector…

  • It’s a tool for any teacher of any subject - virtual reality in the classroom offers another avenue for the educator to explore with pupils
  • It engages those students who struggle with learning - VR entices different varieties of learning styles. Students who find concentrating hard or have difficulty reading, for example those with ADHD or dyslexia, may find that this hands-on approach to education improves their learning capabilities
  • It can be easier to learn from experiencing for yourself - very rarely do people remember something by hearing it once. In fact, a majority of people say that you need to repeat your message seven times for someone to remember. However, sight has the potential to have a lasting impact on the individual
  • It encourages creativity - The technology of VR goggles offers so much potential for activities in the digital world (coding, web design and so on) as well as inspiring pupils to record their own videos to turn into VR

What’s the main problem facing education facilities with VR in the classroom?

According to an article published in the education section of the Telegraph, the main problem that’s preventing classrooms throughout the UK from jumping on this Virtual Reality phrase, thus improving the education of their pupils, is funding and that facilities will need more than one headset to enhance productivity in the classroom.

The solution to this is very straight forward. Allwag Promotional Merchandise offers a range of low cost branded virtual reality glasses and goggles that attach to a phone to provide the ultimate VR experience - they're also printed with your school's crest for that added extra touch. 

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