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Everything you need to know about Wireless Charging

05/07/2017 14:40

branded wireless charger

In 2015, McDonald’s announced that they were installing 600 wireless charging points in 50 of their UK franchises – so what exactly is wireless charging?

Wireless charging, otherwise known as inductive charging, has been increasing in popularity amongst the corporate sector since 2015. With companies such as Starbucks offering free wireless charging at selected cafes around the UK, the technology is attracting a lot of attention from customers, therefore driving traffic to the business and increasing brand recognition through both media coverage and word of mouth.

branded wireless charger

What exactly is wireless charging?

With the introduction of our new branded wireless charging products, such as the Smart Wireless 10000mAh Powerbank, and our Desktop Wireless Charger, the team at Allwag Promotional Merchandise decided to take a closer look at the technology that has found its way into the mainstream…

When someone hears the term ‘wireless charging’, there can be the misconception that once a device enters a particular zone it will automatically start charging. When in fact, wireless charging occurs when a fluctuating electromagnetic field passes between two objects – the first object being the charging source and the second being the device. For this to happen, there’s a coil wire in both the wireless charger and the device which will connect together to enable the device to be charged wirelessly. 

What are the benefits of wireless charging?

There are many benefits to offering a wireless charging option, whether it’s in the workplace or at home…

  • No more tangled/broken cables - Tangled and broken leads not only look unprofessional and messy in the workplace,  it's also a health and safety hazard. Adding a branded wireless charger station to a desktop looks professional and maintains a tidy and risk-free working environment
  • Wireless charging is more durable - Continuing from the point above, there is far less wear and tear with wireless charging stations than usual charging cables. Only the wireless charger is connected to a power socket, meaning that there is significantly less manhandling of cables. 
  • Wireless charging is more eco-friendly - Most companies have policies such as Corporate Social Responsibility in place to ensure that certain levels of sustainably are met in the workplace. Unlike conventional charging methods, wireless charging has no electronic waste and all energy transfers are non-radiative.

Can all devices be charged wirelessly?

For a device to be compatible it has come with wireless charging built in, a feature which has been available in many Android devices for quite some time. Cases that enable the wireless charging function can also be found for devices that are not currently compatible with QI technology. With the upcoming IPhone 8 rumoured to feature wireless charging compatibility, Apple are also acknowledging the beneficial impact wireless charging will have on society.

Be the brand everyone’s talking about with branded wireless charger products!

Allwag Promotional Merchandise have a collection of branded gadgets that use wireless charging technology that will present your brand in a stylish way, proving that you’re up to date with the latest trends.

Zens WirelessCharger Pad

Like our desktop wireless charger, our Wireless Charger Pad features QI technology, enabling substantial and convenient charging of most Android devices, avoiding those messy cables. Available in 1 colour print or digital print, prices start from £44.25 and have a minimum order quantity of 50.

Our branded wireless charger pad is available in black or white, giving this highly in-demand product an elite and luxurious feel.

 branded wireless charger

Smart Wireless 10000mAh Powerbank

Unlike conventional branded powerbanks, our Smart Wireless Powerbank is able to charge your device using wireless charging technology. With an LED power level display, this branded wireless charging device starts from £19.36 and has a minimum quantity order of 50. 

The Smart Wireless Powerbank can be printed with up to 4 spot colours on 2 large branding areas with the choice of a black or white body colour and a different coloured trim.

 For more information on our branded wireless chargers or for any other enquiries, please give Team Allwag a call on 01245 382600. 


branded wireless charger

branded wireless charger


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