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NUS Trade Show 2017

11/07/2017 13:22

 freshers merchandise

July 6th marked the first time Allwag Promotions had exhibited at a National Union of Students trade show as an authorised NUS supplier of university merchandise and gifts...

The event itself was bursting with creativity. Universities from all over the country came along to be inspired with unique ways for their SU to stand out from the other 129 in the UK. Held at the NEC Birmingham, the NUS trade show allowed operational managers and staff of student unions to come and explore ways they can enter the hearts and minds of their students…

freshers merchandise

With the UK's £200 million student market, there was a high demand for popular university merchandise and quirky freshers gifts for fresher goody bags and campus shops. Everyone wanted to know what fresher merchandise sells, what’s new and exciting, and most importantly, what attracts the most attention.

What products attracted the most attention at the NUS trade show?

We were positioned near the NUS stand which hosted a bar and seating area. The colourfulness and vibrancy of our stand attracted hundreds of the event’s visitors, so which merchandise and freshers gift ideas were the SU staff most drawn to?

freshers merchandise

NEW: Freshers Kit

The ultimate Freshers Survival Kit is here and you can now put your universities name on it to help your new students power through their freshers week. This must-have addition to your freshers goody bag contains a toothbrush, accompanied by toothpaste, a glowstick, shower gel, much needed caffeine plus and energy sweet. Of course, there’s the obligatory bottle opener as well as plasters for the almost guaranteed blisters from all that dancing. Trust us, your student will really appreciate this.

freshers merchandise

Americano Stadium Cup

Part of our bestselling Americano range, our Stadium Cup is extremely popular amongst students! Great to reuse again and again, print your universities crest or promotional message on the body of the cup for freshers merchandise that is guaranteed to be used not only during freshers’ week, but throughout your students university career.


freshers merchandise

Smart Spinners

Following on from the latest fidget craze, our range of branded smart spinners, otherwise known as fidget spinners or hand spinners, were by far one of our most popular promotional products at the NUS trade show. Fidget gadgets reap benefits for students, not only providing a source of entertainment but improves their functioning abilities too! CLICK HERE to find out more…

freshers merchandise

Stress Pop-I Screen Cleaner

This fun and unique stress toy is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. Every person who laid eyes on the Pop-I stress toy at the NUS trade show were besotted by it! It may have been the toy’s eyes that pop out of its head when you squeeze it or the softness of its screen cleaning hair that made the visitors fall head over heels with this promotional product, labelling it as the perfect product for fresher’s goody bags!

freshers merchandise

Phone-Up Ball Pen

Our twist-action printed ball pen has many uses. Not only is it a reliable black ink pen, it’s also a stylus, a screen cleaner and a phone stand too! The Phone-Up Ball Pen will make an attractive addition to any freshers goody bag and allow your student to have four everyday necessities in one! They’ll be no more excuses for turning up to lectures without a pen…

With Freshers coming up around September time, there’s no surprise that the most popular promotional products were those that resemble freshers gift ideas and items that can be put in goody bags. Other examples of these are branded bar accessories such as promotional drink stirrers and branded bottle openers which play on the fresher culture so you know they’ll definitely be used.

Here’s some of our favourite merchandise that other companies used to attract NUS trade show attendees – which do you like best?

Other university merchandise for freshers include:

For freshers gift ideas and other university merchandise inspiration, please get in contact with our education experts on 01245 382600.


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