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Top Tips for Decorating the Perfect Company Christmas Tree

18/08/2017 15:14
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First manufactured in Germany in the 1840s and brought over to the UK in the mid nineteenth century, baubles have now become an iconic global symbol of the festive season.

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Over 175 years later, there are now many sizes and designs of baubles that are available on the market, including eco baubles made from recycled plastic and recycled wood, as well as the traditional glass bauble.

Opinions of how a Christmas tree should be decorated can vary throughout UK households, but one thing is for sure – a Christmas tree is not a Christmas tree without baubles dangling from the branches.

When it comes to decorating your company’s Christmas tree, it’s of the utmost importance that it not only reflects the ethos of your brand, but it looks incredible too! First impressions matter and a Christmas tree is likely to be the key focal point within any office environment. 


So how do you decorate the perfect Christmas Tree? 

In 2015, the Mathematics students at The University of Sheffield calculated the “festive formula” for the perfect Christmas tree.

Christmas Marketing idaes

Here’s the formula that was created to give the tree decorator the correct ratio of baubles, tinsels and lights:

Number of (branded baubles):  (√17) ÷ Tree height (cm)

Length of Tinsel in cm: (13 x π) ÷ Tree height (cm)

Height of star or angel in cm: Tree height (cm) ÷ 10

Length of lights in cm: π x Tree height (cm)

On average, the tree that’s erected in Trafalgar Square each year is at least 20 meters high. According to calculations above, at least 412 baubles need to be hung from the infamous Christmas tree donated from Norway each festive season!

Why should your brand invest in Branded Baubles?  

There are many reasons why branded Christmas baubles should be on top of your company’s wish list for the coming festive season! These are:

  • Cost-effective, starting from as little as £0.75
  • Great festive giveaway ideas for your loyal clients, especially when presented in a white card bauble gift box
  • Most Christmas trees are erected and decorated at the end of November through to early December and stay up until January 5th, so your brand will be constantly on display throughout that period
  • Baubles are reused again and again each year, maximise this with promotional shatterproof baubles
  • Not only do they look great, but our range of personalised chocolate baubles taste amazing too!


branded baubles

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