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Time to Get Smarter with your Marketing

24/08/2017 13:10
branded smart timebox

Allow us to introduce to you the most unique promotional desktop companion…

The Smart TimeBox has the WOW factor and will showcase your brand in a way that will capture both the hearts and attention of your target audience!

So what exactly is the Smart TimeBox?branded smart timebox

The Smart TimeBox is one of the most advanced high tech promotional items that perches neatly on a desk or surface. This useful, portable device is connected to the recipient’s mobile phone and will be transported around with them as they go about their day to day lives, providing all the everyday necessities. The Smart TimeBox contains a 5 WATT promotional bluetooth speaker, fully customisable pixel art, a smart alarm clock, an LED lamp and a FM radio tuner all in a 11.58 x 11.4 x 5.5cm device which can all be controlled by a mobile phone.

How will a branded TimeBox benefit your brand?

Being the newest and most exciting promotional gadget on the market, the Smart Timebox with your logo on will automatically give you an advantage over your competitors as this promotional gadget keeps your brand and marketing message constantly in the eye of your target audience and whoever they interact with. Wherever your branded TimeBox is, all eyes will be on your brand. 

What are the features of the Smart Timebox?

Take a look at this video to find out how a Smart TimeBox will change yours, your clients' and your target audiences' lives forever! Alternatively, scroll down to see a list of the Smart TimeBox's features... 

Here's everything you need to know about the most intelligent musical device for your home and desktop:

branded smart timebox

  • Built in FM Tuner brings you all your favourite radio stations wherever you are 
  • The Smart TimeBox sports a high tech alarm clock with a huge range of alarms to choose from, or wake up to your favourite radio station or music and set your own pixel art 
  • As well as a smart alarm, the Smart TimeBox has a sleep aid system with multiple soundtracks to choose from to help you get that much needed shut eye
  • The 5 WATT speaker is fine-tuned with the latest Digital Sound Processing technology with a play time of up to 6 hours 
  • The in-app system allows the user to customise their own social media notification and event alerts 
  • Pricing starts from £43.74 with a 2-3 week lead time 
  • Branding is on the back of the Smart TimeBox


CLICK HERE for more information about the Smart TimeBox!

branded smart timebox

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