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Promotional Calendars and Diaries vs Mobile Phones

07/09/2017 15:34

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With over 80% of internet users owning a smartphone, we now live in a time where technology dominates the everyday lives of consumers. Subsequently, there is a looming misconception about the relevance of calendars and diaries in the modern day society. 

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Despite the introduction of digital planners and event notifications that pop up on an electronic device, sales of promotional calendars and branded diaries have significantly increased over the past five years, securing their position in the top 20 promotional product ranges for two consecutive years (2015/2016). 

68% of companies have incorporated mobile phone marketing into their strategy, now is the time to consider utilising promotional calendars and diaries. With the costs of running ads, apps, plus additional PPC campaigns that are specifically targeted at mobile users, the brand's overall annual marketing spend has the potential to drastically increase year after year. Promotional calendars and diaries, on the other hand, are a timeless and cost-effective way to ensure that your brand reach is maximised throughout the coming year. 

Why are calendars and diaries preferred amongst consumers over mobile phones? 

There are many reasons why consumers prefer to use diaries and calendars to schedule their lives over mobile phones. The main one being that diaries and calendars have become an everyday essential for both the workplace and home because they grant the user the ability to plan and structure their life.

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According to a report published in the Psychological Science journal, using a pen and paper boosts memory and the ability to retain information, so by writing an event in a diary or calendar, you've got a far better chance of remembering the details than if you tapped it into your mobile phone whilst on the move. 

Another contributing factor is the fact that where most of a person's day is spent sat in front of a screen in an office, planning their schedule in a diary or calendar is a nice break away from the digital world.

But by far the most important reason is the personality of the diary or calendar and the security it brings. The second a person writes in it, it becomes unique to them and cannot run out of battery, be hacked or mysteriously deleted. 

Why are promotional calendars and diaries so popular amongst marketers?

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  • Rather than lots of transactions it's a one-off payment that secures a year's worth of promotion that won't be scrolled past on social media or exited out of
  • Promotional desk calendars will be showcased on your client's or prospect's desktop for 365 days (366 if it's a leap year)
  • Personalised wall calendars ensure that your brand will be displayed in the recipient's home (usually the most visited room of the house such as the kitchen) 
  • Branded diaries will be kept at hand all day everyday 
  • All promotional diary and calendar products will impact the recipient's everyday life, which is the number one aim of promotional products 
  • Each diary and calendar can be personalised to ensure that your brand's marketing message is displayed in a stylish and effective way 


How can we help?

Here at Allwag Promotions, we have a wide range of promotional calendars and branded diaries to showcase your company in an eye-catching way that's guaranteed to turn heads throughout 2018. Choose from our range promotional diaries , branded desk calendars , personalised wall calendars  or calendar fridge magnets to maximise your brand in the new year! Alternatively, you can put a festive twist on your brand's winter promotions with our bespoke branded advent calendars

To ensure your brand's promotional calendar or branded diary arrives in time to be given away as corporate branded Christmas gift, please place all orders for all personalised wall calendars and promotional desk calendars before 1st December 2017. All orders for branded diaries must be placed ASAP as stock levels change frequently due to high demand. 

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