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How to say Thank You with Branded Gifts

18/09/2017 14:26
branded gifts to say thank you

82% branded gift recipients said they'd purchased a product or service from a company that had given it to them. 

Therefore promotional products should be at the forefront for rewarding your clients. Saying thank you to a customer,branded gifts to say thank you even for the little things, can go a long way. Branded gifts, no matter how big or small, are a reminder of your company which will lead to another website visit or an additional phone call. 

Here are some reasons worth showing your gratitude for: 

  • Their business
  • Their support
  • Their loyalty 
  • Attending an event
  • Referring your company
  • Interacting with your brand on social media 

How do you say thank you? 

Although verbal communications are accepted, a branded gift shows that you have gone the extra mile to express your appreciation and are more impressionable. However, ensuring that the right present is chosen is of the utmost importance to ensure that it's kept for the longest period possible and reminds the recipient of your brand when they use it everyday. 

However, depending on budget or what you're saying thank you for also has a drastic impact on the branded gift selected. Sometimes it's the small tokens of gratitude that leave an imprint on the recipient's heart...

Here are the top branded gifts to say thank you:

Personalised Chocolate 

branded gifts to say thank you Saying thank you with personalised chocolate is a tasty thank you treat. Although it will only last a couple of minutes before it's eaten,  the gift will have a lasting impact on the recipient. In the UK, around eight million people eat chocolate everyday, making it one nation's most loved sugary snacks. We conducted a chocolate survey during June where 50% of respondents said that they give chocolate as a thank you present, proving that it's still one of the favourite gifts to receive. 

Whenever someone orders, send them a personalised chocolate bar which says thank you - it'll give them a further incentive to order again! 

To view our full range of personalised chocolate, CLICK HERE

Corporate Hampers 

branded gifts to say thank you Printed hampers are a classic business to business gift and are a great way to say thank you to clients for their loyalty. Bursting with gourment goodies, corporate branded hampers show your company's generosity and drastically increase your brand awareness because it will be shared out with the rest of the recipient's company.

When a customer has been using your services for a year, send them a promotional hamper and watch as their loyalty grows. 

To view our full range of corporate hampers, CLICK HERE

Branded Calendars & Diaries 

branded gifts to say thank you If you're looking for a practical and personalised hank you gift, branded calendars and diaries  will be used by the recipient everyday for twelve months. To read more about why diaries and calendars are the perfect corporate gift, CLICK HERE

To ensure that all promotional calendars and diaries arrive in time to be given away before the start of 2018, please place all orders for desktop and wall calendars before Dec 1 2017 and all diary orders need to be in ASAP whilst stocks last due to high demand. 

For more information on this, give us a call on 01245 382600 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

branded gifts to say thank you Branded Wine & Engraved Glass Gift Sets

Personalisation is key when it comes to finding the perfect branded gifts. Say thank you with our bestselling range of wine and engraved glass gift sets which will be kept by the recipient for years to come. Add a personal touch with their name and your thank you message to ensure that your generosity is reminisced every time a sip is taken. 

You can give a personalised gift set to your employees too when they have their work anniversaries - a little token of appreciation that will go a long way. 

To view our full range of branded wine and engraved glass gift sets CLICK HERE 

Branded Gadgets & High Tech Promotional Items

branded gifts to say thank you With over two thirds of the UK's population owning a smartphone and over 50% of those admiring their device is the first thing they reach for when they wake up in the morning, compatible devices such as Bluetooth gadgets are in high demand. Whether it's a promotional Bluetooth speaker, branded headphones or printed powerbanks, personalised high tech promotional items will be greatly received and used every day.

If you want to find out which is the best branded power bank for you, CLICK HERE. Alternatively, you can find out more about our bestselling promotional Bluetooth speaker here. 


branded gifts to say thank you Executive Branded Notebooks 

Tell your brand's story with a corporate branded notebook which is personalised to capture the ethos of your brand. As your client is jotting down their thoughts, they'll constantly be reminded of your brand. Our range of custom printed Moleskine notebooks are a sort after premium item that can be embossed, foiled or printed with your brand's logo to create the ultimate executive thank you gift. 

To find out more information about our promotional Moleskine products, CLICK HERE 

Premium Pens 

Give your client the gift of fine writing as as thank you for using their services. Promotional pens from the Parker Pen, Watermen Pen and Cross Pen collection are a high-end gift that's durable, high quality and makes a statement.

branded gifts to say thank you

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