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Time Management Tips for University Lecturers

27/10/2017 12:04

Time Management for University Lecturers

Working as a university lecturer is a rewarding job, especially when it’s 9am on a Monday morning and your students have been inspired by the presentation they presume you have spent the past couple of weeks working on. In reality, you put it together the previous evening because your weekdays are filled with delivering lectures, overrunning office hours and giving feedback on your students work, as well as trying to find the time to conduct research into the next section of the module you’re teaching.

Whether you predominantly tutor MA students, are a head of department, a PHD professor or a module leader, time management for university lecturers, is of the utmost importance to ensure the highest level of productiveness is achieved whilst enabling a healthy work life balance.


Prioritising in the world of education is definitely easier said than done, but it cannot be stressed enough about how important understanding your priorities are. In fact, prioritising tasks can increase productivity and output by 25%. Make sure you allow enough time to carry out your own research for your lectures as well as completing any urgent or routine tasks such as marking and giving feedback on student assignments – their educational achievements depend on the guidance they receive from you, so try not to leave them waiting too long for feedback.

Promotional CalendarsIncrease your organisation skills by creating to-do lists and when something comes up, add it on. Highlight all priorities with a promotional highlighter so you know where to start and embrace the feeling of satisfaction once you start ticking off as you go along. This will help you to organise your activities, so nothing slips your mind during the fast paced nature of the education environment. We strongly recommend the Wiro Smart Daily Planner which can be branded with your university’s crest or logo and is equipt with a daily to do list.

    Maximise your planning

Whether you are planning to undertake a personal research project, deliver a lecture, seminar or tutorial or put together a new set of assignment briefs for your forthcoming module, planning your activities in advance will not only free up time for your non-work related activities, but allow you to get ahead of yourself.

The key to time management for university lecturers is allocating a specific time slot for you to undertake certain, planned activities. For example, on Monday, you may have a free period before your seminar at midday, so, dedicate that time to researching and conducting your module lecture plan for the next semester.

To do this, it’s always best to keep a document of some form where you can add your planned activities to your schedule. Products such as the Smart Pad Weekly Planner are great to keep at home so you know exactly what your itinerary is for that day before your early start. Again, this product can be branded with your university’s crest or logo.

If you prefer a more portable planning solution, your faculty may want to invest in branded academic planners as well as promotional memo stickers to bookmark any significant pages of your notebook.

    Have more than one notebook

Branded notebooksThere is nothing wrong with having a branded notebook for every module you teach so you’re able to look back on all your notes from previous research projects, lectures, and even examples of students work that have really stood out for you. Although sometimes, students forget that their lecturers are human beings, there is no possible way you can remember everything about your specialist subject. Having something to refer back to when a student asks you a question is always handy, plus a study published in the Psychological Science Journal states that using a pen and paper to jot down notes boosts memory and the ability to retain the information you've written down.

    Allow time for you

As an education professional, you will be well aware that the saying “a teacher’s work is never done” is accurate, and that even working in higher education isn’t a 9 – 5 job. However, maintaining a work life balance is paramount, especially if you still want to do enjoy your job. Time management for university lecturers also includes allocating time out of your busy schedule to focus on your needs rather than your students. Treat time for you as one of the planned activities previously discussed, and schedule it into your week to ensure you get the break you deserve.

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