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Building Charity Donor Loyalty with Promotional Merchandise

30/10/2017 11:42

building donor loyalty

Building and retaining relationships with donors is a crucial aspect of a charity’s marketing and fundraising activities.

promotional teddy bearIn this blog we explore why promotional merchandise is the perfect solution for rewarding your donors and ensuring that their loyalties remain with your non-profit organisation.

First of all it’s important to establish your donor’s worth when they are acquired, is their payment a one-time transaction or will it be a regular occurrence?

It is therefore important to understand why donors stop donating in the first place and how to prevent losing their generosity. According to an article written by Penelope Burke on donor centred fundraising, there are only three things donors want from a charity:

  1. They want a thank you
  2. They want that thank you to be personalised
  3. They want a thank you that demonstrates the impact of their generosity
Furthermore, an infographic published by Bloomerang stated that 13% of donors leave because the non-profit organisation didn’t say thank you, and a blog published by an online non-profit publication suggests that 45% of all donors will renew their giving, but for every 100 donors, 99 are lost due to lack of acknowledgement.

How can promotional products help with retaining donor loyalty?

promotional pen gift setPromotional merchandise can be personalised and given as a gift to your charity donors to express your gratitude towards them.

With 79% of branded gift recipients feeling appreciated, promotional gifting is the number one solution to making your donors feel appreciated and should not be overlooked. 

What branded gifts should you give and when?  

It's always nice to start off donor relationships with a strong and sincere thank you, so show your appreciation with a small token of gratitude with low-cost branded gifts.

These cost-effective products are the perfect way to kick start your donors' loyalty: 

Keep on sending these low-cost branded gifts throughout the year accompanied with snapshots of your charity's activities, with a message acknowledging that if it wasn't for their generosity such things would not be possible.promotional charging cables 

As a respected donor, a more high end gift would also be expected. The perfect time to give these away would be at a formal event to celebrate your non-profit organisation's achievements. 

Examples of high end, yet affordable branded gifts are: 

Through the distribution of branded gifts, not only will you make your donors feel appreciated, but you will also retain their loyalty for years to come. 

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