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7 Branded Gadgets to Get Your Brand Noticed

14/11/2017 14:32

unique branded gadgets

What’s new and what’s exciting? Two questions that are frequently asked by a corporate marketer when browsing for promotional product inspiration.

Whether it’s for a branded gift, to accompany a marketing campaign or to impress delegates at an exhibition, promotional gadgets are at the forefront of product ranges that get people talking.

These latest branded gadgets will ensure that your your company takes centre stage throughout 2018, maximising brand awareness and driving sales as a result: 

promotional mobile phone accessory Since the word “selfie” was named the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013, products to aid people to capture the perfect selfie have been high in-demand (even though the front-facing “selfie cameras were originally introduced in 2003).

We’ve recently introduced a selfie button ring to our latest range of branded mobile phone accessories; a remote-control button that connects to the user’s device via Bluetooth that helps them take the perfect selfie.

This fun, handy and cost-effective branded gift will grab the limelight for your brand, not just for this festive season but throughout 2018 and beyond.

Promotional umbrellas are one of our bestselling merchandise ranges that can promote your brand all year round – according to an article published by the Met Office in September 2017, it rains for 106.5 days a year in the UK.

However, this is more than just a branded umbrella. With a colour changing and illuminating LED shaft, this windproof 23” umbrella comes in black and can be branded with your logo with a LED torch fitted into the handle to shine the ultimate spotlight onto your brand.

Check out the video of Lauren, our Customer Service Executive, trying out the LED umbrella at an exhibition:

With the introduction of new and innovative smartphones such as the iPhone 8, iPhone Plus and iPhoneX that no longer have a headphone jack, the problem arises of the user being unable to use their current headphones or earbuds.

Your brand can now solve that problem for your clients, employees and even prospects. Our promotional Bluetooth convertor offers a ‘bridge’ that allows the user to convert their non-Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to wireless.

With a low minimum order quantity of 25, these branded gadgets are small enough to fit in the users pocket and will therefore be kept on them at all times.

Carrying on from the latest smartphones favouring wireless sound, wireless charging is also a must have. Our new promotional wireless charger pad has a timeless and modest round design that allows it to seamlessly fit in with any logo design, cementing your brand into the user’s home or workplace.

This innovate technology allows wireless charging for any of the user’s devices - CLICK HERE to find out more about wireless charging technology (link to wireless charging blog).

Our Smart Watch Tracker is the latest addition to our range of promotional activity trackers which have been extremely popular since the launch of the FitBit that has been declared the ‘next big thing in corporate wellness’ in an article published by a technology innovation company in 2016.

This promotional activity tracker is different to the rest, it sports an analogue clock face and features a built-in step monitor, alarm and call reminder functions that connects to an app on the users phone.

Better yet, this gadget is water resistant and can come in an array of colours with subtle branding options available, making it the perfect promotional gift idea for clients.

promotional sunglassesIf you truly want to WOW delegates at an event, this state-of- the-art branded gadget is the way to do it.

These Bluetooth sunglasses offer the perfect combination of bone conduction and Bluetooth technology, connecting the sunglasses to the user’s phone or device to play music and enable calling completely handsfree. No wires involved, just a pair of waterproof sunglasses imbedded with a noise-cancelling microphone.

We exhibited at TFM (Technology for Marketing) during September 2017 where we showcased this product to marketing directors of some of the world’s most notorious brands, all of whom were drawn to our stand by this unique and innovative high tech promotional gadget.

Another new and exciting gadget that attracted the attention of the TFM delegates was the Kooduu Wine Cooler and Promotional Speaker.

This wireless speaker, colour changing LED lamp and cooler is an eye-catching way for the user to play their music and keep their drinks cool whilst creating whichever atmosphere they desire with the pure ambience lighting options.

With a low minimum order of 25, this branded gadget is the perfect luxury gift that can be branded with your business or company logo.

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