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Marketing Trends that have Evoked Change in 2017

20/11/2017 12:24

There are two things that all marketers will agree on; firstly, 2017 has flown by. Secondly, there has been an array of creative trends such as the rise of video content and personalisation that have appeared in the marketing industry.

In this blog, we have decided to take a look these prominent trends:

The rise of video contentpromotional calendars

Video is now portrayed as a powerful way to communicate your brand’s message with your target audience and build strong relationships that keep the consumer wanting more.

According to an infographic published in June by Hubspot, an average of 18 videos are published by a business each month and 85% of businesses have hired staff to produce these for them.

92% of mobile video viewers share video content with others, it’s no wonder why video marketing was on top of many marketers’ agendas this year. 

Live streaming on social media 

Livestreaming on leading social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been huge since it was launched in 2016. Marketers have really pushed to include livestreaming in their 2017 strategies. According to an article written by Forbes, 81% of internet users viewed more live content in 2016 than generic video footage in 2015 and videos livestreamed on Facebook get viewed three times longer. Livestreaming is a cost-effective way of reaching a highly engaged audience without the polished footage and is definitely an upcoming marketing trend to watch out for in 2018. 

There’s been a strong emphasis on social media marketing 

…especially on SnapChat. Marketing on social media is a low cost way of gaining coverage of a brand that falls straight into the hands of the targeted users. 2017 saw a rise of some of the world’s biggest brands turning to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to engage with active consumers. Increasing numbers of brands with a younger target demographic are also utilising the numerous ad options available on Snapchat, including Snap Ads, Sponsored Lenses and Sponsored Geofilters (71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old). 

Everything is personalised 

During the summer of 2014, Coca Cola launched their “Share a Coke” marketing campaign enabling buyers to purchase a bottle with theirs or someone else’s name on. Since then, personalisation has been a way for brand’s to attract consumers’ attention, improve conversion rates and encourage loyalty. An article published on Econsultancy suggests that personalised marketing has become very popular in 2017 for the travel and hospitality industry, where 86% of travellers now prefer personalised offers. 

Content Marketing is paramount 

According by a report published by Hubspot, 96% of B2B buyers want more content to provide an input from an industry leader. This all is down to a brand’s content strategy which has been a priority for many marketers in 2017. An article published in April 2017 by WordStream suggests that content marketing is a cost-effective marketing solution that offers amazing ROI and drives conversion. 

Retail trends that have affected the marketing industry 

The latest fads and ongoing trends throughout 2017 have had a drastic impact on what promotional products are ordered. For example, the Fidget Spinner. This spinning gadget really took the nation by storm earlier this year and in consequence became high in-demand for the promotional industry. Sales of the smart spin have soared since they were first added to our website at the beginning of 2017. Now, there have been many different versions of the product developed that can be branded, including a light up LED design and a multi-purpose highlighter spinner. Other examples include branded activity trackers, promotional VR goggles and printed trolley keyrings in the shape of the new one pound coin.

Promotional products slot in nicely to any strategy as a cost-effective way to maximise your marketing activities. From live-streaming a video with promotional merchandise in the background to giving out personalised branded gifts to clients, merchandise maintains your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds and maximises your marketing message.

Future marketing trends can have the tendency to be unpredictable, however one thing is for certain; promotional merchandise will always be a timeless marketing tool. 

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