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New University Tops Green Table in 2017

27/11/2017 15:52

eco promotional products for universities

In a world where sustainability is integral, we’ve seen universities recognise and implement strategies to support their own ecological development...

This is reflected in the student-led People and Planet University League rankings for 2017, which lists UK universities in order of environmental and ethical performance. This year, the Manchester Metropolitan University came out on top with an incredible total score of 77.6%, scoring 100% for Environmental Policy, 100% for Sustainability and 100% for Education.

It is evident that many universities invest in their eco and ethical policies, with 99 out of 154 UK universities receiving a 2:2 or above ranking for their eco performances. We are seeing a dynamic change into how universities are implementing their new sustainable actions into the daily lives of faculties and students. One university even built a carbon negative building; a pavilion that produces more energy than it consumes. This innovative building saves the equivalent amount of energy to heat an average detached house for 16 months!

Given this report published on 14th November 2017, we’ve taken a look at how we can support universities in their bid to climb the eco and sustainability table:

    1: Go Eco with our Green Collection

Our range of eco-friendly promotional merchandise includes everything from Fairtrade bags, to recycled items, FSC pencils and GOTS clothing (made from cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard). We have eco-alternatives for many of our promotional product ranges, including eco promotional pens, recycled branded yoyos, printed clothing and drinkware.

Don’t let the eco tag mislead you to believing that such promotional products are expensive – we offer a range of eco-friendly merchandise to cater for every budget. Here are some products for inspiration:

branded recycled wooden pencil promotional seedstickspromotional drawstring bags

    2: Create a Campaign with an Impact

In 2015 we worked with one of our key clients to develop a way that they could conduct a mass giveaway at an event in London whilst limiting the disposal of bags. We came up with the solution of using a branded water bottle as their main giveaway, filled with other merchandise such as lip balm, promotional sunglasses, boiled sweets, sun lotion and a printed lanyard. As a result, not a single carrier bag was used in their giveaway, creating a campaign that was not only effective, but improved their eco policy too.

    uk made promotional merchandise3: Support UK Manufacturing

Allwag Promotions are a member of our industry trade group that was set up specifically to support the British manufacturing of promotional products. We strongly support buying British as it reaps benefits for both the environment and the economy – we even won our industry’s award for the greatest contribution to British manufacturing!

You can read more about the benefits of UK made merchandise here.

We’ve got an entire section of our website dedicated to promotional products that are manufactured in the UK. These include our bestselling Americano Mug range and the Desk Matte Pads. CLICK HERE to view the full Made in UK collection…

    4: Utilise Paperless Invoicing

In recent years, Allwag Promotions introduced paperless invoicing for our clients in a bid to be more environmentally friendly. E-invoicing not only supports environmental wellbeing but it will help preserve the world in years to come, by removing paper it reduces harmful waste and promotes an eco-friendly ethic and saves trees.

    5: We’re 100% Committed to the Environment

In 2004 we developed a website exclusively for eco-friendly promotional merchandise which has won several awards, including a national business award recognising us to be the first promotional merchandise supplier to actively promote eco giveaways.

Since 2008 we have been a proud supporter of the Trees for Life charity and have established our own expanding grove of native trees to support the restoration of the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands.

Read our Environmental Policy for more information on our commitment to promoting the principles of sustainable development or give us a call on 01245 382600 to see how we can assist your university in their green transition.

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