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EU bans Mercury Resin but our Domed Labels are compliant

29/11/2017 17:07

EU Regulations Ban Domed Labels

As the first of the two-part legislation that comes into effect from January 1st, all mercury based resins will be banned throughout Europe from 2018. Therefore, popular resin gel products such as the much loved domed label will no longer be available.

This ban continues on from October 10th 2017, when the five primary mercury compounds used to manufacture labels and badges throughout the UK were prohibited. Now, from 2018, there is going to be total ban on the use of these substances in the production of products in Europe.

With gel domed labels being a popular branding option for sweets and edible products, most companies have to look elsewhere for alternative solutions. Here at Allwag Promotions, our top selling promotional confectionery range already features domed labels that do not contain mercury resin and therefore will not be affected by this new EU regulation.

Although the induction of this new legislation may be received as inconvenient for some businesses, Allwag Promotions view it as a positive change that will help to improve environmental measures and eliminate the risk of exposure to harmful substances.

Compliant domed labels that are free from mercury resins still offer the same durability, flawless finish and are available with a 3D design that’s ideal for personalisation and branding.

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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