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The Evolution of the Promotional Fidget Spinner

30/11/2017 12:10

promotional fidget spinner

During 2017, the fidget spinner craze spun out of control!

What originally started as an idea of a soft rock kids could throw to promote peace, has now transpired decades later into a worldwide fad that can promote your brand...

We wrote an article on the fidget gadgets earlier in 2017 when the trend first became prominent and since then, the universal toy soon made a statement in the promotional market, with brand’s fidgeting to get their logo printed on the latest craze. (To read this article, click here)

promotional fidget spinner

Take a look at the timeline of the evolution of the promotional fidget spinner:

As soon as the fidget spinner spun into the hands of both children and adults throughout the nation, it became a popular promotional product for both the corporate and university sectors because of its ability to de-stress and improve concentration. Available in a range of different colours, the Smart Spin is still a popular way to promote your brand.promotional fidget spinner

The second design in the evolution of the promotional fidget spinner is the Smart Spin LED, a product that lights up as it spins, allowing this new version of the Smart Spin to be visually stimulating as well as aiding with concentration. This design is a quirky take on the original fidget spinner that is guaranteed to light up your logo.

Staying true to the fidget spinner’s functionalities, the Petal Spinner sports transparent and translucent frame with a filled in base rather than the standard design, giving it a lighter feel. Labelled as the “latest craze in the funkiest design,” the Petal Spinner only has a lead time of five working days to keep up with the fast-paced marketing environment.

This multi-functioning gadget is an anti-stress fidget spinner and three colour promotional highlighter in one. This evolved Smart Spin combines the fun of fidget spinners and usefulness of highlighters to create a practical product that will be greatly received by everyone who uses it.

We’ve now come to the latest edition of the evolution timeline, the Spin Speaker; a multi-functioning LED light up fidget spinner and Bluetooth speaker. The user simply connects the product to their phone or device via Bluetooth to play their chosen music whilst it spins – the perfect combination of sound and light.

The evolution of the promotional fidget spinner is definitely one that will not stop and we predict that 2018 will see even more innovative designs of this timeless product.

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