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The 6 Rules of Umbrella Etiquette you NEED to know

30/11/2017 17:16

branded umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are an eye-catching way to get your brand noticed and keep your company at the forefront of your clients’ minds – but how much umbrella etiquette do you know? 

Umbrellas have been around for thousands of years and have changed and adapted with technology and fashion over time. The brolly has become a staple item for protection against the rain, especially in the UK as we’ve got a reputation for being one of the wettest countries in the world! 

Here are the must-know rules of branded umbrella etiquette: 

Rule 1:branded umbrellas

Choose a promotional umbrella that reflects your company’s ethos and personality, whether it’s with colour, shape or size! 

Rule 2:

Don’t forget to shake off all the water your umbrella has gathered before going indoors – nobody likes a puddle inside… 

Rule 3:

When you enter a building after shaking the water from your brolly, it’s considered good manners to rest your umbrella by the nearest stand to the door rather than leaning it against the wall – just don’t forget it! 

Rule 4:

When someone taller than you walks past, it’s polite to lower your umbrella for them to get by. On the contrary, it’s courteous to raise your brolly if someone smaller passes you. 

Rule 5:

Pretty much everyone has been caught in the rain without an umbrella before, so if you pass someone in that situation, share yours (especially if your company logo is on it, it’ll spread positive brand awareness). 

Rule 6:

Have patience, not all commuters are as well informed about umbrella etiquette as you are after reading this blog.

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