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Allwag Awards 2017

18/12/2017 10:05

Allwag Promotional Merchandise

During our Christmas Party weekend in Edinburgh, we hosted our Allwag Awards to recognise our team's outstanding achievements! 

Lauren Ranson | Allwag Promotional Merchandise


Employee of the Year Award

Lauren Ranson, Customer Service Team Leader

It was hard to choose just one person to be awarded the prestigious Team Allwag Employee of the Year. Our company has 25 incredible employees, but Lauren is a model team member. Praised by clients, suppliers and colleagues, Lauren delivers results every time and manages our expectations brilliantly. Well done Lauren!



Emily Roberts | Allwag Promotional Merchandise

Most Improved Team Member Award

Emily Roberts, Senior Customer Service Executive

It isn't always easy working with 24 ladies (as Harry and Alan will confirm), but the key to success in this industry is determination. Emily has worked extremely hard and has got stronger and more confident in her abilities.  





Jessica Went and Lauren Rannigan | Allwag Promotional Merchandise

Most Thoughtful Person Award

Jessica Went, Supplier Manager & Lauren Rannigan, Customer Service Executive

We have lots of special and thoughtful people in Team Allwag, so choosing a winner for this award was quite a challenge!  Jess has always listened to other people's problems and is always willing to help out her colleagues, even when she has taken a huge leap into her new role within the business. Lauren helps anyone without a thought for herself, whether it's a client, supplier or member of staff and she just can't say no to anyone.



Sue Garner | Allwag Promotions


Best Team Player Award

Sue Garner, Operations Manager

As well as recently being promoted to Operations Manager, Sue has always been reliable and supportive to the entire team. She's a true asset to our company and puts a smile on everyone's face whenever she walks into the room.





Sophie Brown | Allwag Promotional Merchandise

Special Achievement Award

Sophie Brown, Marketing Assistant

Despite lacking confidence in what she does, Sophie is dedicated to doing a brilliant job and crashes though the day to produce great work. She has increased our social media and online presence over the past year and we receive fantastic comments from our clients as a result.




Special Recognition Award

Sarah Kemp | Allwag Promotional Merchandise

Sarah Kemp, Business Development Executive - Education

Sarah certainly puts in extra hours to ensure that Allwag Promotions remains one of the best suppliers of promotional merchandise in the UK. She's constantly on the road meeting with existing clients to show them new products and make sure they are 100% happy with their orders and the service provided by Allwag Promotions.





Sarah Purdy | Allwag Promotional Merchandise

Most Enthusiastic Team Member Award 

Sarah Purdy, Production Supervisor

Every morning without fail, Sarah comes into the office with a massive smile on her face! She's always willing to help and there's never a dull moment with her in the office. Sarah's so much fun and full of energy - even at 8.30 in the morning!





Gillian Bonnett | Allwag Promotional Merchandise

Our Star Award

Gillian Bonnett, Customer Service Executive & Supplier Manager 

Gill's relentless determination to do a great job at all times means that she always has Allwag Promotions at the forefront of whatever she does!. Constantly bursting with ideas and  inspiration, Gill is our company's shining star.





Harry Rutland | Allwag Promotional Merchandise

Taking One for the Team Award

Harry Rutland, Production Assistant 

At last, but not least,  Harry! As one of our nearly team members, we brims with enthusiasm and willing to learn all aspects of the business. He has been thrown into all kinds of situations - including being dressed up as an Ugly Stepsister for our Christmas Office Decoration Challenge (no photo's allowed) and for this we say Well Done Hazza!

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