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Smart Fitness will give your marketing the boost it needs in 2018

02/01/2018 15:54

promotional fitness items

Smart Fitness Apps have now become a necessity in everyday life. 

Promotional Fitness Items2017 saw the rise of smart fitness devices such as wearable pedometers that track the user’s activities, attracting not just fitness fanatics, but those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle and want to ensure that they exceed the recommended 10,000 daily steps.  

Now the New Year is upon us, there’s no better time than to start looking for ways to incorporate promotional fitness items into your 2018 marketing strategy to promote fitness and show that your brand cares about the well-being of your customers and employees. Considering the popularity of the promotional activity tracker throughout last year, Smart Fitness is now a timeless trend that will continue to develop, not only to transform people’s perception maintaining a healthy life, but maximise your brand reach too. 

According to the Telegraph in 2017, the top four most common New Year resolutions are: 

    1: To exercise more

    2: To lose weight

    3: To eat more healthily

    4: To take a more active approach to health

Business Insider suggests that 80% of these resolutions fail by February. However, with the introduction of Smart Fitness devices and apps, your clients will be able to maintain a more active approach to their lifestyle and will encourage them to stick to their 2018 resolutions all year round.

Don’t miss out on these NEW innovative promotional fitness items that will transform your marketing reach this year: 


Following last year’s consumer popularity with promotional pedometers, the Prixton Activity Tracker goes the extra mile with its extra features that will guarantee the user won’t get bored of their ‘New Year, new me’ objective. With your brand’s name or logo printed in up to 4 colours on a domed decal on the strap buckle, this device allows the user to monitor their calorie consumption, fitness actives and sleep quality as well as track their step count; all of which are transferred to the user’s device using Bluetooth.

This promotional fitness product only has a 10 working day lead time and is available with a no minimum order quantity, meaning that it can be purchased for just one client or employee and will not leave their wrist from the moment they receive it. 

Or click here to view our full range of promotional activity trackers. 


The Promotional Smart Cup ensures that your clients’ drink enough water every day. By connecting this state-of-the-art beaker to an app on the user’s device via Bluetooth, the user can monitor their daily intake of water and has a built in drink reminder. Made from stainless steel, the Smart Cup has a 430ml capacity and is also suitable for hot drinks such as coffee and tea. With your brand printed at the top of the cup, the recipient will be constantly reminded of your company.

With a low minimum order quantity of 25, the Smart Cup is an idea corporate gift for any occasion that will be taken everywhere with the recipient and is guaranteed to promote your brand 365 days a year.


With the popular around the ear grip to ensure the earbuds stay on during workouts or other sporting activities, these wireless and lightweight earphones are paired to the user’s device via Bluetooth and charged through a charging cable. Designed to ensure a perfect sound experience and stable connection, these promotional earphones are a high-end, premium gift that’s ideal for anyone looking for to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle – a product that they’ll want to constantly use, guaranteeing the upkeep of their 2018 resolution.


For more information on other promotional fitness items that are available, please give us a call on 01245 382600.


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