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Your brand can fight the battle against waste

11/01/2018 13:33

branded reusable coffee cups

In the UK, we throw away around 2,500,000,000 takeaway coffee cups every year – that’s 5,000 every minute! 

On January 2nd this year, Clive Schlee, CEO of Pret A Manger, announced that the popular coffee chain’s customers can now get 50p discount off any hot drink if they bring their own reusable cup with them. 

(Source: @Cliveschlee, Twitter)

This new incentive is double the discount of the company’s original 25p reduction for reusable mugs, meaning that coffee can now cost customers as little as 49p! This in itself is sparking a lot of attention, especially over Twitter, where buyers are encouraging each other to use their own mugs. Thanks to popular coffee chains such as Pret A Manger, the environmental issues surrounding disposable coffee cups is coming to the attention of hot beverage consumers throughout the UK. 

 branded reusable coffee cups

(Source: Twitter) 

Now imagine how much social media coverage and brand awareness your company will generate if your logo was printed on those reusable cups. 

Of course, it isn't just Pret who offer a discount, other leading coffee chains do too. 

5 reasons why branded reusable cups are worth the investment: 

  • Your brand will constantly be on display – Branded reusable coffee cups won’t just be used in coffee shops, they’ll be used for the commute to work, at the office, walking down the high street and anywhere the user fancies a hot (or cold) beverage!
  • Your target market will see that you support the environment – Incorporating an eco-approach to the workplace is part of corporate social responsibility and reflects positively on your brand.   
  • You’ll be saving your clients and staff around £100  – The UK drinks 60.2 billion cups of tea a year and an estimated 70 million cups of coffee daily. If someone was to get a latte from a coffee shop every working day at £2.50, that would cost them £12.50 a week, £650 a year. Using a branded reusable coffee cup and Pret’s new discount scheme, would save them over £100 a year.
  • Thermal mugs keep your drink warmer for longer - The double-walled design of thermal mugs means that the mug itself is extremely durable and that your drinks will stay warmer for longer. This means that you don’t have to worry about your coffee going cold by the time you get to your desk.
  • Branded reusable mugs are great for selling for an additional profit – Many companies, especially in the automotive and education industries, purchase reusable mugs printed with their logo as merchandise which they then sell in store or on their online merchandise shop. 

Allwag Promotions have a wide range of stylish and durable branded reusable coffee cups that can be printed in full colour to really maximise your marketing reach with vibrant, crisp images that will capture everyone’s attention.

Here are some examples: 

branded reusable coffee cupsbranded reusable coffee cupsbranded reusable coffee cupsbranded reusable coffee cupsbranded reusable coffee cupsbranded reusable coffee cups


Alternatively, CLICK HERE to view our full range of branded reusable coffee cups.

For companies that use vending machines for their hot drinks, we also supply a range of Americano Primo Cups that are specially designed to slot into any device: 

branded reusable coffee cupsbranded reusable coffee cups

branded reusable coffee cups

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