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Allwag Promotions take team building to a new level

12/06/2018 09:40

Allwag Promotions


Allwag Promotions Team Allwag      

What a day Team Allwag had!

On Saturday 9th June, the team at Allwag Promotions attended the company’s annual Away Day; a day dedicated to having fun and working together as a team, as well as encouraging and developing a competitive spirit.

This year, the Away Day was held at Ashwells Country  Club in Brentwood, a quiet and scenic location where Team Allwag participated in extreme activities such as board breaking, breaking arrows and bending steel poles on their throats, as well as walking bare foot over broken glass and hot coals at tempatures of 400°C.

Before the daring and dangerous activities began, Allwag Promotions were divided into four teams and were faced with the task of creating a 90 second clip to promote just some of our bestselling promotional products. The teams also competed against each other to complete the ‘Ultimate Challenge’, which consisted of over 100 mini tasks; including performing 15 burpees in 60 seconds, eating 4 dry crackers in 1 minute and completing almost impossible puzzles.

Company Director, Angela Wagstaff commented: “The day was a huge success. It’s great to watch our amazing staff experience how it feels to achieve something when they’re motivated by their team. The amount of support everyone has for each other is one of the reasons why our team is so strong.”

Take a look at Angela braving the walk over hot coal and over 1000 pieces of broken glass in the videos below... 

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