To centralise all purchasing for Promotional products

Project brief: To competitively tender for three main products i.e. 50,000 branded balloons, 50,000 branded pens and 50,000 A5 printed notepads that need to be stored and distributed as required to approximately 78 regional offices. Time was a key factor as well as value for money.

Solution: On winning the tender, we pulled out all the stops to work with our suppliers to turn the orders around as fast as possible as they were required within the 5 working days. We worked over a weekend to make up the promotional packs consisting of 50 balloons, 50 pads & 50 pens. These packs also needed to include CPPIH literature and we despatched to over 550 regional offices throughout the UK.

Outcome: Warehouse and distribution service for 28 branded promotional products. All promotional packs were delivered with 4 days to spare and the remaining products are kept in storage by Allwag Promotions. CPPIH authorised users call products off as and when they need them.

We also supply 25 additional products now due to the popularity of the 3 core products, which we hold in stock and are also available for immediate call off as per the agreed contract. using our Online ordering system. These are ordered by any of the 8 Regional offices (or direct to any of the potential 60+ forums each) and despatched the same day

Promotional products in action

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