What is Social Plastic®?

03/05/2024 12:51:33

What is Social Plastic®?

Social Plastic® is a revolutionary material that has gained significant attention for its positive impact on both the environment and communities. It is a special kind of recycled plastic with a traceable and ethical origin, collected from environments where it would otherwise contribute to ocean pollution. The concept, pioneered by Plastic Bank®, directly supports the collectors and communities that gather discarded plastic waste.

Environmental impact and benefits

Social Plastic® plays a crucial role in reducing plastic pollution by capturing plastic waste before it reaches oceans and waterways. The recycling and reused of this plastic help lessen the demand for virgin plastic production, conserving natural resources and reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, repurposing plastic waste into new products prevents it from ending up in landfill or contaminating natural ecosystems.

Social impact

One of the defining features of Social Plastic® is its positive impact on communities. Individuals who collect plastic waste can exchange it for money and social benefits, offering them a path out of poverty. This model creates social, economic and environmental benefits by:

  • Providing fair compensation to collectors, often in developing regions.
  • Supporting local economies by giving people access to money for essentials like food, fuel and education.
  • Empowering communities to actively participate in environmental conservation efforts.

What can Social Plastic® be used for?

Social Plastic® can be used in a wide range of products, from every day items to branded merchandise and event giveaways. When it comes to branded merchandise it is particularly significant as people are becoming more environmentally conscious, with 86% of consumers preferring products made from recycled plastic, and 93% willing to repurchase them.

Supporting sustainable development

Social Plastic® aligns with 17 of the UK Sustainable Development Goals, addressing issues ranging from climate action to poverty reduction. By choosing branded merchandise and products made from Social Plastic®, you would be supporting a broader movement towards sustainability and social responsibility.

Incorporating Social Plastic® into your branded merchandise product choices for your marketing campaigns signifies a commitment to environmental stewardship and social impact. It's not just about recycling plastic, it's about creating a movement that empowers individuals and transforms waste into a valuable resource, making the planet cleaner and communities stronger. 

Below is a list of just a few of the items of branded merchandise that we have in our collection which are made using Social Plastic®.

Recycool Ball Pen


An attractive sustainable push action pen made from 100% Social Plastic. With the Recycool pen, for every two pens purchased an entire plastic bottle is prevented from entering the ocean. Produced in Europe, the pen has a reduced carbon footprint and is the perfect promotional product for boosting your eco-credentials as well as being the perfect trade show giveaway.




Recycled Cotton Socks

These sustainable socks are made from 72% recycled cotton, 22% recycled nylon and 6% recycled elastane. Each pair of socks prevented 30 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. By purchasing these socks for your giveaways you support Plastic Bank®, which is an international organisation with two main goals - reducing poverty and reducing plastic waste in the oceans.  


Recycled Plastic Frisbee

This branded frisbee is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic Plastic Bank®. Plastic Bank® pays people in developing countries to return plastic waste collected from beaches, rivers, riverbanks, landfills and shallow parts of the ocean. The collected plastic is then sorted, cleaned and processed into granules to make items such as this frisbee. The perfect sustainable giveaway for your summer events. 



Ocean Plastic Coffee Pen

This ballpoint pen is made from 30% coffee grounds and 70% Ocean Bound Plastic (RPP) from  Plastic Bank®. Made from ocean-bound PET (recycled plastic) material with an opaque matt housing and clip, this sustainable pen is a great addition to your giveaways for events and tradeshows. Showcase the story of how it is made from Plastic Bank® on your exhibition stand to show how you are working towards your sustainability goals.


Recycled Plastic Ice Scraper

This branded ice scraper is also made from recycled ocean-bound plastic from Plastic Bank®. Old plastic bottles and other stray plastic were used to make the material and it is a perfect sustainable and socially responsible giveaway. By purchasing this product you actively help prevent plastic waste from polluting the oceans. 



Recycled Champagne Cooler

A great addition to your summer marketing campaigns, especially for any indoor or outside events you may have planned over the summer months. This champagne bottle cooler is made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic from Social Plastic®. Fill this cooler with ice cubes and serve your champagne and other drinks wonderfully chilled.


Ocean Plastic Bubble Powerbank

Powerful wireless powerbank that simply sticks to the back of your phone to charge wirelessly. Made from Ocean Bound recycled plastic - for each powerbank bought, this saves 50 bottles from entering the Ocean via Ocean Charities.




Ocean Octopus Cable

Introducing our exciting new Octopus model, now crafted from ocean-bound plastic and featuring a dual input cable. Each sale helps sponsor efforts to prevent plastic pollution in our oceans. The model includes a dual input cable and USB-A, USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB output cables. With every unit sold, we prevent five plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

Ocean Gamma Powerbank

A pocket-sized powerbank that lets you boost your smartphone whenever you need it. The Ocean Gamma is a multi-charging cable with dual input connector USB-C / Lightning / Micro USB /USB and is made from recycled Ocean Bound plastic and has an integrated 3000mAh powerbank. For every unit purchased we donate to stop 15 plastic bottles from entering the Oceans via environmental charities.


To find out more about our range of sustainable products made from Social Plastic®, please get in touch with our expert team on 01245 382600, or email [email protected].

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