Environmental Policy

Allwag Promotions Ltd (Allwag) is a leading distributor of branded promotional merchandise, clothing and corporate gifts. Allwag is committed to operating to and promoting the principles of sustainable development and encourage customers and other stakeholders to follow their good practice.

The development & continual expansion of Allwag’s range of recycled, organic, biodegradable and energy efficient products shows our commitment to encourage our customer base to follow these principles.

Allwag is committed to the care of the environment, minimising where practicable the consumption of energy and other resources, the prevention of pollution and the continual improvement of our environmental performance. We ensure all our activities are carried out in compliance with the relevant environmental legislation & other requirements.

The following key activities have been identified as significant:

Energy - We are committed to minimising where practicable the consumption of energy throughout their organisation

Waste – We work to measure the waste we generate and seek to reduce, reuse or recycle this where practicable, while enhancing the purchase of products made from recycled content

Transport – We are aware of the environmental impacts of our transport operations and seek to reduce them where practicable through the use of public transport and the reduction/coordination of deliveries

Procurement - We work to ensure that all our suppliers used in the supply of products and services are committed to follow a similar environmental stance.

We have developed an Environmental Management System to ensure the potential impact of all our activities are identified, assessed and monitored from the highest level. This operates to the principles of ISO14001:2004. The Directors are committed to the effective operation of the System and eventual certification to the ISO14001 standard. We will provide the appropriate resources needed to meet our environmental objectives, and our Environmental Action Plan sets out key actions to enable these objectives to be met.

All staff undertake environmental training and are encouraged to suggest improvements that can be made to the Environmental Management System. This system is reviewed regularly or when legislation or business activities change to ensure continual improvement. Subcontractors are required to adhere to Allwag’s Environmental Policy and associated operating procedures.

We communicate our Environmental Policy & Action Plan to our staff through staff induction and ongoing training, including an annual Staff ‘Away Day’. The policy is available to all stakeholders through our website www.allwag.co.uk and forms part of contracts with customers. The detailed Environmental Action Plan is available on request.

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