rHIPS.b products are made from 100% waste materials, including things like yoghurt pots and even the inside of fridges and the products are UK Made.

Absolutely no virgin materials are used, and all the products are fully biodegradable. Also, unlike other plastics, they do not require extremely particular conditions to biodegrade. The rHIPS.b polymer naturally biodegrades in home compost, marine and landfill 200 times faster than standard plastic!

We are able to supply a range of promotional products made from rHIPS.b including trolley coin keyrings, coasters, sporks, rulers, plant markers, to name a few. These products can all be personalised with your logo, creating a unique item which is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Our friendly customer service team are on hand to share their knowledge and creativity to find you the right promotional product for your needs.

Contact us on 01245 382600, email us [email protected] or live chat with us above.

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